Saturday, March 9, 2013


 Guys, I lost my phone last weekend!! I was at Ikea with the fam and I really don't remember how I lost it all I know now is that it was never returned. I feel horrible about it still because, I had so many pictures on it and now they're forever lost. The hard lesson I learned, and most important, install  apps on your phone like Android lost (I had a samsung galaxy s3) that will help you after its been lost or stolen. Also, backup your info and pics! It feels weird not having a phone on me 24/7. Although its not a necessity, I became really attached to it. 

 Anyway, we haven't really been up to much, sickness has hit our home....Sarah missed school a lot this week. She had a pesky fever that would just not go away along with her cold. Jon toughed it out a little more and only missed school for a day, no fevers for him.

 I can't complain because we've had a great past few weeks. We have visited a lot of fun places, have stuffed our faces like crazy but most importantly just loved spending time together. Julio and I decide that, no matter what, we are going to go out more this year.....spring and summer we are ready for ya!



Mëlissa Bakër said...

You have a beautiful family! xx

Delia Rivera said...

thank you1 thanks for stopping by!:)