Inbliss01: 7 links to love: 3-9-13

Saturday, March 9, 2013

7 links to love: 3-9-13

Oh how I've missed these 7 links to love posts! There is always so much I want to share and I'm so glad to finally get back to doing them.

Here are this weeks favorite links:

- I am so happy I stumbled upon Hello Apparel on Instagram because I love their clothing! They teamed up with P.S. I Adore You  a few weeks ago to raise money for CureSearch for childhood cancer research! Of course helping anyway we can is what's important and to keep up the fight for all those beautiful little angels! We ordered one for Sarah and now the blue version is ready for the boys! Jonathan is getting one ASAP!
-One of my favorite blogs to read and get inspired by is Mama Loves Papa . It's funny, and strange I guess, but out of all of my favorite blogs to read, Morgan is someone I can really relate to. We are very different people who have had many similar experiences living miles and miles apart. I have never met her, yet I connect and understand her every time I read her posts. My favorites are definitely her Marriage Series posts!


-Shelley from House of Smiths  did a great post on decorating your home with flowers!

-So my favorite show  Psych is back....I mean I have lots of shows I like but this show is by far my all time favorite Shawn and Gus are hilarious!any other Psych-o's out there?!

-After having an emergency situation with Sarah's uniform pants I was forced to purchase needle and threads to sew. The pants are too long on her and she steps on them all the time forcing me to do the best I could and sew a new hem. I didn't do the best job but pretty well for someone whose never sewn before. I realized how relaxing sewing can actually be....and fun! I am seriously considering buying a sewing machine and trying this e-course Home Ec !

- (local) Zorba is  one of our favorite restaurants. It is the best place to get fresh and delicious Greek food. We are never disappointed and their Greek fries (fries topped with Feta cheese and oregano) are life-changing!

- I have mentioned my love of thrifting many times. I was very excited when I found out about  Thred Up , an on-line consignment shop last year. I made my first order of items, (along with their thredUP bag to fill with my own items to re-sell) and I was so happy with the items I had ordered! The clothes were all like new!
It took me a long time to finally send in my ThredUP bag filled with my kids own gently used clothes to sell! The items are already selling and I am so excited about the money I'm receiving, definitely a win win! Check them out!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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