Monday, February 8, 2016

Bed Gear Pillow Review

  One lucky member of my family received a Bed Gear BG-X Pillow so she could try it and I was very curious to see how this performance pillow would stand up to my little tough critic! Sarah is a creature of habit and introducing something new can be a challenge sometimes, even something as simple as a pillow!

  Bed Gear  is a leading manufacturer of performance bedding essentials with a philosophy centered on delivering superior sleep quality to enhance an active lifestyle. They understand how important a good night's rest is for your body and mind. It is very important for Sarah to get a good night's sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Lack of sleep and comfort can throw anyone off!

They've got it all down to a science and picking a pillow of your choice can become a unique and personal experience. The pillow we chose for Sarah was determined by her weight and sleep position.
The BG-X KDS PUMP PERFORMANCE PILLOW 'S  cuddle curve shape provides perfect alignment for your head, neck and shoulders to ensure deep sleep. My kids both sweat a lot while they sleep and they've been like that since they were babies. I was excited to see how the pillow's Dri-Tec technology stood up to the test.

I was very happy with the results. Sarah always ended up with her regular pillow on the floor. The Bed Gear pillow allows her head to sink comfortably without loosing it's shape!

I admit, I always put more effort into purchasing better pillows for my hubs and I. I mean, we ARE, the ones that NEED a good night's sleep;) I realize now, that it's important for my kids to sleep better as well. I notice the difference!

Sarah even brings her pillow to the living room to watch TV or lay down and read a book. It brings her comfort!

This tough critic gave it her highest score!

For more info on this pillow and other superior performance bedding for adults, babies and kids please visit BEDGEAR.COM!!

*We received a pillow in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are always our own*

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Best Beaches in North Carolina

 This week marked the beginning of actual winter weather here in Jersey and we haven't even had serious snow fall yet! I am not a fan of the cold freezing temperatures at all. I live for summer weather and I long for days at the beach with warm, blue ocean waters. One of my favorite things to do is sit on the beach and enjoy the exquisite summer weather with my family-pure bliss!!

  It's been about 5 months since we had the pleasure of exploring the beautiful state of North Carolina. It was our first time there. I love my Jersey shore, I really do, but we fell in love with the beaches in NC! We visited family in Jacksonville, which was the most important reason for us being there, and the awesome beaches were just a bonus to our much needed vacation!

We visited 3 beaches during the course of the week:

Surf City, NC

I could've probably taken 100 more shots like this, under this pier. In fact, there were at least 2 photo shoots going on at this very spot! I  don't know how crowded this beach is normally but when we were there, there were barely any people around. I could've dealt with some crowding because everyone there was just so nice! The water was warm and inviting and the kids were so happy playing around.

Emerald Isle, NC

 I don't know if it was ok to take a picture of them on here, but I just couldn't resist. This beach was also very beautiful! Emerald Isle had gorgeous white sand and warm , clear waters! It wasn't over crowded! Yesss! We visited this beach a total of 3 times!

 Both  beaches were only half an hour away from Jacksonville.  If you plan on staying at a hotel, maybe it'd be cheaper to stay at a nearby city as opposed to right on the beach. 

Kiddos loved getting to play around with their Dad.

Carolina Beach, NC

Carolina Beach was about an hour and a half away from Jacksonville. Again, just like the previous beaches, we had it (almost) all to ourselves! The waves were a little stronger on that particular day. I assume it was perfect for surfing because there were a few surfers taking advantage of the rough ocean. We played in the water and (tried) to build some sand castles one last time! 

There are many great reasons to visit North Carolina beaches but a few that stood out to me the most, were calm, warm waters, clean beaches, and no over crowding. The overall environment like the places and the people were top-notch! A relaxing atmosphere is key to a stress-free time and the catalyst to a memorable, loving, and enjoyable vacation! Another very important factor is how realistically affordable it was!

I am counting down the days until we get to visit our family, all of whom we miss terribly and get to take full advantage of the beauty that are North Carolina beaches! 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Classic Harbor Line - New York Cocoa and Carols Holiday Cruise

Happy Holidays from Classic Harbor Line!

Please join us for this special warm and cozy cruise tailored for friends, family, and all your loved ones during the Holiday Season. Step inside the Manhattan's toasty solarium in full holiday decor for a 90 minute cruise to see the New York City lights.

Delicious Hot Cocoa, Cookies, and treats for all our guests are included! Join in on 20 to 30 minutes of live Holiday carols or enjoy 2 live Holiday Jazz Trio Sets! (Musically-talented groups are our special hosts for each of these cruises!)

Sit back and enjoy the gorgeous view of the island from the heated back-deck salon of this 1920s style yacht.

On this 1.5-hour cruise, take in picturesque views from our glassed-in observatory. Highlights along the way include:

The Yacht Manhattan in Full Holiday Decor!
Cocoa, Cookies & some sing-along Holiday Carols or live Holiday Jazz!
Battery Park, South Street Seaport & the Financial District
Governor's Island, The Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island
Parts of Brooklyn & Queens & the NYC skyline
The Williamsburg, Manhattan & Brooklyn Bridges of the East River.

A complimentary beer, wine, spiked hot cocoa or champagne from the bar is offered on all trips. Mixed drinks are available for purchase.
 For more information to see cruise schedule please visit

 Receive 15% off each ticket purchased at using ONLINE promo code 15COCOA - Valid for any Cocoa & Carols Cruise aboard Yacht Manhattan II! Join us with your family for some live holiday caroling and a warm cup of Hot Cocoa!
Click HERE for more info

**All the information above was provided by Classic Harbor Line.**

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Win 4 tickets to see Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan at iPlay America

Disney Channel stars Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan, will be performing as musical duo "The Girl and the Dreamcatcher" at iPlay America on December 20th at 5 p.m. I'm so excited to be giving away four tickets to this performance!

Dove stars in the original Disney movie/musical Descendants and also stars as identical twins  Liv and Maddie in the Disney Channel original series. Ryan stars as Diggie on Liv and Maddie and starred on the cult phenomenon HEATHERS: THE MUSICAL at New World Stages in NYC.

These two incredibly gifted young actors/singers have teamed up to form "The Girl and the Dreamcatcher."

Dove and Ryan  have already covered songs by Demi Lovato, Jason Derulo, and Selena Gomez. They released their original song "Written in the Stars" October 1 and already have more than 1 million views on YouTube!

If you have kids that are huge Liv and Maddie fans, like mine, do not miss out on entering this giveaway! We are so excited about this and can't wait to see them perform!

For more ticket info visit HERE.

iPlay America is located in 110 Schanck Road Freehold, NJ 07728

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!
***I received tickets in exchange for this giveaway. All opinions are always my own*** 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Taking It All In at #WeAllGrowNYC

   Attending #WeAllGrowNYC was something I had planned to do as soon as I heard about it. I remember seeing pictures and video from the We All Grow Summit conference earlier this year and thinking I need to be there. I needed to be there! Ever since I began my blogging journey I can't help and have this yearning to be surrounded by people who inspire me. I had never felt like that before in my life! I've had goals and dreams and tons of what-ifs, but they've never felt like something I could reach or accomplish. I'm always talking on here about how important inspiration is because it's the truth, and sometimes, there are people who NEED to be inspired. People who NEED to see that determination and confidence that others have. It's not about not being true to yourself and "copying" others, it's about knowing that other like-minded human beings have done it! They've succeeded. They continue to fight for their dreams and goals.....just like you! So, I was elated at the chance to be surrounded by some of the many women I look up to and follow in the blogging world, beautiful latinas longing to grow, just like I was, even if it was just for a day!

  I made my way from Jersey, with my beauty blogger sis-in-law Denise. We made it just in time to the venue,  The Green Building in Brooklyn, NYC.

Denise, me, Karen

Denise, yours truly, Karen and Alicia :)

  Pictured above is one of the many memorable things of my day. We All Grow summit's motto!

Ana Flores, founder and CEO of Latina Bloggers Connect and We All Grow welcomed us all to the first ever We All Grow Summit in NYC.

Our delicious brunch was sponsored by Pinterest and created by Alejandra Ramos of Always Order Dessert! It was delicious, unique, and full of very familiar dishes.

                          I....WAS....READY! I had my favorite notebook ready to take notes!

 The first mentor chat, Heart + Hustle: Building Influence with your Personal Brand with Emmelie de la Cruz of The Branding Muse. Emmelie was very fun and informative! Telling your Story and being yourself is one of the best things you can do for your brand!

 The next mentor chat was with Pinterest's Community Manager, Enid Hwang. We learned all about the power of pinning and growing you engagement  not your followers. We learned some great tips on how to drive traffic and expand your reach on Pinterest.

The first Networking break was sponsored by Vive Mejor. My favorite food from the delicious table was actually the Lipton Hot 'n Spicy chocolate tea. I have to admit I was not networking like I should have, but my nerves got the best of me, and I was content with just people watching.

The  Mentor Q&A Panel with Zuania Capó, Editor-in-Chief Vivala. Marie Chalita, Social Media Director for Vanidades USA and Cosmopolitan en Español. Moderated by Ana Flores. They focused on the importance of honesty. When working with brands remember to see them as your partner, not a client or sponsor. It was great advice to help make lasting, working relationships.

The final mentor chat was with Lisa Price, President and founder of Carol's Daughter. Lisa began her business in her Brooklyn kitchen and it grew into what is now a multi-million dollar empire. Lisa touched a lot, on what was the same topic throughout the day, staying true to yourself. The importance of positive thinking and the importance of confidence in yourself and what you want to do in life.

The final networking break was sponsored by NIGHT. I was blown away by all I learned about this pillow and how comfortable it was! Can you tell how comfy I was?! ;)

I walked around the room and introduced myself a little. (Thanks to a friendly, reassuring nudge from my friend Karen) I handed my card out, and met some great people. I put myself out there and it felt great!

We finished off strong with Roundtable Mentor Workshops and we had a chance to ask all the inspiring mentors questions. It was perfect to get to hear them one on one and just the "icing on the cake" to already great lessons and advice they gave us all.

The conference ended with  the giveaways and official close by Ana Flores. I was very happy to know that Denise won a ticket to the conference in California including hotel stay!  Everyone got to hang around for a bit and network some more. We received some great swag bags with some of the sponsors of the event.

Thank you to NIGHT, Conffianz,Vivala, Carol's Daughter, Vanidades, Pinterest, Vive Mejor, and Diabolo for sponsoring this event!


Right before we made our way home, I had the opportunity to chat with some very fun, confident bloggers. I follow them through our online community and it was a privilege to get to meet some of them in person. We talked about how, even though for it might seem like a very distant possibility for a few of us, we'd get to see each other again in California for We All Grow 2016 . 

 A huge thank you to every single person that made We All Grow possible! It was better than I ever expected. A chance for me to be inspired to learn and grow! I am content to have been a part of something that will only get better, with every single one of us supporting each other!


Monday, November 2, 2015

20 Random Facts About Me

I was  recently tagged by 2 of my favorite bloggers to share 20 Random Facts About Me. Alicia of Chica Fashion and Karen of Mami Does It All thank you for including me on this fun tag!

Here are my 20 random Facts (in no particular order):

1. I do not like cats. creepy little animals.

2. I was a spelling bee champion in elementary school one year and I made it to 14th place on the regional round.

3. I love to travel but I'm not a traveler. Is there a word for that?! If I could pack my bags (and my family's bags) and travel the world I would.

4. I am from Honduras, and came here when I was just 7. I'd love to go back soon.

5. I became a mom when I was just 19 years old.

6. I am a hopeless love with love.

7. I do not like scary movies....or anything scary for that matter!

8. Long ago, one of my dreams was to be a chef and live in a little cute brownstone apartment in NYC.

9. I am a TV and movie junky!!

10. I''m a goofball.

11. I love music...always have but didn't attend a concert up until 2 years ago when I went to my first ever music festival, Firefly Music Festival and it was life-changing!
            (here's a favorite pic of me when I went last year)

12. I do not like peanut butter...or anything with peanuts.

13. I met my husband at church and we became really close friends, one of my best friends. Truth be told that's all I ever thought we'd be, but God had other plans.

14. I have 2 younger siblings: a sister in North Carolina and my brother, who is watching over us in heaven!

15. I used to be really skinny up until I had kids and was never happy with my looks. Now that I'm thicker and heavier I've learned that it truly isn't about your looks. It's important to love yourself and be confident about who you are, no matter the size.

16. I hate taking pictures and 90% of the time take a really awkward pic. I just can't help myself. As you can tell, I'm working on that too. (see fact 15)

17. I do not like to clean, but hate having a messy house.

18. I love lemonade.

19. All my lipglosses and lipsticks are the same color. I just keep buying the same shade.

20. I am very protective of people I care about, family and friends are very important to me.

Now, I'm tagging Lillie of Jersey Fashionista , Reesa of Momma Lew  and anyone else who might want to join in by sharing a post on your blog or Instagram!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Soy Hispana Project: A Hispanic Heritage Month Tribute

 I finally get to share with you all about the Soy Hispana Project a tribute to Hispanic Heritage Month. My blogger friends Alicia of Chica Fashion and Lillie of Jerseyfashionista wanted to do something significant, a way to bring a few Latina bloggers together to celebrate our heritage and some of the iconic Hispanic women throughout our history. We live in a time when there is a huge importance in the unity of our culture and thus began the first ever #SoyHispana Project.

   I was beyond excited and nervous about it. I'd never done any type of photoshoot before and I had such a hard time picking one out of the many Iconic Latinas. This was an important project I wanted to give it 110 percent especially because I was going to get to work with some very hard working and talented people. I am a firm believer in the power of surrounding yourself with people that radiate confidence, talent and have a positive attitude because all of that rubs off on you.

  I chose Frida Khalo, one of Mexico's greatest artists. I only knew a little bit about Frida and most of it was from the 2002 movie starring Salma Hayek. I got to work and did my research. The more I learned about her the more fascinated I was. Frida was a painter but she was also known for being very politically active. Her legacy lived on and her popularity only grew stronger even after her death.

  She was born in Coyocoan, Mexico City, Mexico on July 6, 1907. Her father Wilhem(Guillermo) was a German photographer who migrated to Mexico where he met her mother, Matilde. Frida had two older sisters and a younger one. Khalo contracted Polio at the age of 6. She recovered but her right leg was thinner than the left which she always covered up by wearing long skirts. Her father encouraged her to play many sports to help her regain her strength. Sports like soccer, swimming, boxing and wrestling all of which were only played by boys.

 In 1922 she attended one of Mexico's premier schools, the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria (National Preparatory School). She was one of the few females to attend and was known for her love of jewelry and traditional colorful clothes. She hung around very politically active people and joined a few communist groups.

On September 17, 1925, when she was just 18 years old, Frida was involved in a serious accident and suffered significant injuries. Frida returned to her childhood home to recover and during this time is when she began to paint. She completed her first self-portrait a year later. Many of her paintings  were about herself and her experiences. Art was a way for her to express herself and her bold paintings didn't shy way from her brutal honesty. A true femenist of her time.

"I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best." -Frida Khalo

Frida connected with Diego Rivera, an artist and famed Mexican muralist and a year later, in1929 they were married. They both inspired each other and Diego was the subject of many of Frida's paintings. As much as they supported each other, their marriage was very troubled.

One of Frida's most famous paintings was the "Henry Ford Hospital" in 1932 which depicted her second miscarriage in a very deep and personal way. Frida was unable to have children, one of the many results of her accident.

 Frida went on to the travel to the U.S. and Paris for much of her work. She went on to paint a lot about what she knew and what she suffered, especially her continued treatments to help with the pain which had very minimal positive results. In 1950 she was diagnosed with gangrene on her right foot and remained hospitalized for months. She continued to paint and support political causes. In 1953 Frida received her first solo exhibition in Mexico. Her illness did not interfere with her attendance, she went on a four poster bed!

Frida Khalo passed away on July 13, 1954 at her beloved Blue House. Her legacy lived on and the Blue House became a museum in 1958. She continues to inspire strength and perseverance in many, including myself. On the weeks leading up to this project I found myself back at work after so many years being a stay at home mom. my first day was extremely difficult. it was physically and emotionally draining. I couldn't help and think back on all I learned about Frida. She suffered so much and still kept on. There was so  much more to this complex woman ,but what has always stuck out to me is her strength and resilience. I hope I can be that way no matter what comes my way!
This was Frida Khalo's last painting!

Thank you so much to Lillie Morales of Photos By Lillie and Dave Riboul.
Thank you so much to Denise Rivera of Beauty By Denise and Suzdidmymakeup for doing all of our makeups and to Bombshell Hairdressing for our hair do's! Thank you to our sponsors :Sally Hansen, Avon, John Frieda, Conffianz and Sol de Janeiro for helping to complete our looks!

 Denise Rivera of Beauty By Denise

 Alicia Gibbs of Chica Fashion

Lillie Morales of Jersey Fashionista

How lucky I am to be surrounded by these women who are beautiful inside and out...we're missing you Angelica:)

Here are some of the Behind the Scenes pictures: